Everything You Need to Start a Business in Alabama


Below is a non-exhaustive list of everything you need to start a business in Alabama:

Everything You Need to Start a Business in Alabama

Great Seal of Alabama

 A Problem customers face

 An Idea that solves that problem

 Solution you can provide

 Patent to protect the Solution

 Business Model to implement the Idea

 Legal Entity to protect the Business Model

 Tax ID Numbers to identify the Legal Entity

 Trademark Search to survey the landscape

 Financing to fund the Business Model

 Partners to share the work

 An Operating Agreement to set expectations between the Partners

 Business Licenses to allow the Legal Entity to operate

 Process to provide the Solution

 Confidentiality Agreement to define and protect the Process

 Employees to conduct the Process

 An Employment Agreement to allow Employees access to the Process

 An Employee Handbook to address questions Employees have

 Vendors to supply components for the Solution

 Vendor Agreement to set expectations with the Vendors

 Trademark to identify the Solution to the public

 Trademark Registration to protect the Trademark

 Buy-Sell Agreement to transfer the Idea to a Partner

 An Exit Strategy to transfer the Idea to someone else

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